The Graduates [TGRAD] are recruiting!

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The Graduates [TGRAD] are recruiting!

Postby Ronan Teisdari » Mon Sep 15, 2008 10:44 pm


The Graduates [TGRAD] are recruiting!

“The Graduates” [TGRAD] was started by instructors, staff, directors, and graduate students from "Eve University" in Fall 2006. We earned a reputation as a scrappy and strong-willed corporation by living and fighting in Pure Blind (EC-P8R), the Drone regions, Syndicate, Fountain, Tribute and Delve. We have since expanded into a highly skilled and expertly organized corp with wide time-zone coverage (US/Euro/Oceanic).

* Are you looking for a corporation where the members are mature, good natured, generous friends, and hard fighters?
* Are you tired of the typical meta-gaming, back-stabbing, and smacking in PvP alliances that populate EvE currently?
* Are you a seasoned empire player who wants to try out 0.0 space and PvP, or be part of a corporation that helps to guide players new to 0.0?
* Are you a player who wishes to broaden their game and play experience with responsive leadership and no corporate/alliance tyranny?

Then join "The Graduates" corporation!

TGRAD code:
- Sportsmanship in victory and defeat. (No smacking, chest beating, or whining.)
- Fair play in gaming. (No exploiters, scammers).
- Tough sheriff at home, good citizen abroad. (NBSI in claimed territories, NRDS elsewhere).
- Good friend to friends. Killer of Killers. (Honorable diplomatic relations & anti-piracy).
- All-for-one, and one-for-all. Everyone fights.

What are the advantages of joining "The Graduates"?
- We are a large megacorp, with high activity and strong esprit d'corp.
- Freedom to experience everything EvE offers. Don't get forced into a rut! Small and Large gang PvP, L4/20 0.0 missions, Industry, Trade, quality Mining, Ratting, Research, Exploration, etc.. Plenty of things to do and friends to do it with.
- Strongly PvP focused with a generous PvP ship replacement policy. Always be able to fight.
- Large capital ship fleet.
- Access to "The TGRAD Store", a ship and modules shopping experience.. only for TGRAD members. Never be without new supplies.
- All industrial ops are voluntary. No Forced mining ops & no corporation slavery.
- Access to high-end ores for mining, and decent rats for ratting.

What do we ask of members joining “The Graduates”?
- 5M SP minimum for qualified Eve University graduates & those sponsored by current TGRADs
- 15M SP minimum for other Qualified PvP pilots.
- Willingness to use Team Speak
- No scamming, smacking and pirating
- A positive, friendly, and mature attitude, smacking 1337s need not apply
- TGRAD members are asked to contribute to the corporation, but we have a relaxed policy on how
- Expected to be polite and helpful to any member of TGRAD at ALL times
- No offensive and/or foul language, bad behavior or illicit content

For more information on TGRAD, join our public channel "-TGRAD Pub-". See our website for more information.

Come join the adventure!

An old commercial depicting our past life in EC-P8R.
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